So, you’re looking for the best restaurants in Auckland?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve done all the hard work and separated the best from the rest.

best restaurants in auckland

So, what makes a restaurant truly great?

Everyone has different tastes and expectations… but one thing’s for certain; the food needs to be delicious and consistent!  The atmosphere should also suit the type of restaurant.  For instance, the Mexican restaurant experience is generally colourful, vibrant and energetic.  On the flip side you wouldn’t expect the same ambiance of a romantic fine dining establishment, but instead more of an intimate, elegant environment.

We will reveal to you the best restaurants in Auckland, which not only offer exquisite dishes, but also excellent customer service, a welcoming environment and great value for money.

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Fantastic Restaurants Near You

Locations - best restaurants in auckland

At one point, many of Auckland’s top restaurants were generally concentrated within the CBD and surrounding suburbs, such as Ponsonby & Parnell.  Since then many other areas have started to boom, resulting in thriving cafe & restaurant scenes all across Auckland.  This means less travel distance and more options for local diners.

What’s more exciting is the fact that many of these locations possess their very own distinct flavour and style.  So, no matter whether you’re a hipster or a grandma, there’s a place for you!

The CBD still reigns supreme though, where diners are absolutely spoiled for choice.  ‘Entertainment hubs’ within the city, such as Britomart and Elliot Stables, are popular foodie destinations.  If you head down to The Viaduct or Wynyard Quarter, you can enjoy a delicious meal while overlooking the harbour.  Or better yet, why not overlook the whole of Auckland while dining at one of the top Sky City restaurants.

If you’re a North Shore resident, or just want to try a new area, then Birkenhead, Devonport and the beach side suburb of Takapuna are packed with fantastic places to eat.  You can also get stunning beach views while dining at Mission Bay, or take a ferry over to Waiheke Island for the day and try out the fresh local produce.

Aside from Ponsonby, many other trendy central suburbs are bringing some serious culinary competition to the table.  These include; Kingsland, Newmarket, Mt Eden and even New Lynn.

Explore these popular locations and discover best restaurants in Auckland!

Taste The Flavours Of The World

Cuisines - best restaurants in auckland

Auckland is currently home to a diverse mix of people from all over the world, which explains why we now have so many different types of cuisines to choose from. With the majority of our immigrants arriving from Asia, we have seen a recent explosion in the quantity, and quality, of Asian restaurants.

Not to mention Asian fusion restaurants!  Where many of our very own top chefs return from Asia with an arsenal of acquired knowledge & skills, that when combined with fresh, local New Zealand produce, magical things happen.  This can be a refreshing alternative to traditional Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean etc.

Indian cuisine has long been popular among those who enjoy their dishes a bit spicy, and you’ll find it all over Auckland.  There are even several quality Filipino and Malaysian eateries popping up around the place.

Mediterranean food is big among Aucklanders, and there is currently a number of great Italian restaurants & pizzerias.  It’s not uncommon to find this cuisine on the menu of some of our trendiest cafes & bars, usually alongside other popular Mediterranean dishes, such as Turkish & Greek.

French cuisine is generally at the high end of the pricing scale, and is usually associated with fine dining.  But with the small number of French cafes & creperies around the city, you get to enjoy some authentic French dishes without the hefty price tag.

While Kiwis are currently enjoying the relatively new arrival of Latin American BBQ, Mexican cuisine is still as popular as ever.  American southern style food is also growing in popularity, and Aucklanders have several locations to enjoy the flavours of the deep south.

Looking For Something More Specific?

Other - best restaurants in auckland

Do you have specific requirements or are you looking for a certain type of restaurant?  Perhaps you don’t eat meat and you’re in search of a place with plenty of quality vegetarian options.  Or maybe you’re an avid meat-eater who would want nothing more than a perfectly cooked steak or freshly caught seafood platter.

Spanish Tapas and Chinese Yum Cha offer a uniquely social dining experience for group gatherings.  The buffet is also ideal for large groups, and is also a cheap way to satisfy even the most demanding of appetites!

For more help on discovering the best restaurants in Auckland, why not check out the Top 10 list.  It contains some new arrivals, as well as old favourites.  You can find somewhere for a romantic evening, and also one of Auckland’s top dessert bars!